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The newly designed and engineered aquatic complex is designated for Edison High School and the surrounding communities use. Architectural renderings by pjhm architects are attached. In collaboration with other funding sources, the grant request includes the construction of a new pool, decking, sports lighting, pool equipment, on-deck showers, drinking fountains, and perimeter fencing and gates. The 40-meter California Interscholastic Federation (C.I.F.) compliant pool will include a shallow end for instruction and a deep end for regulation swim, water polo and recreational programs. The lanes are configured both lengthwise and widthwise for maximum school and community use.

Over 16,000 high school students, 6,000 adult-school students and 1000 staff members have daily access to the aquatics facility. Over 1,600 special education students use the pool for water safety and physical therapy as well. Hundreds of club water polo and swim athletes use the pool for practice sessions. In addition, specific academic classes use the facility for project-based learning. For example, physics classes use the pool for boat competitions and environmental science classes teach scuba diving.

The current pool is over 50 years old and does not safely accommodate the needs of the students or the needs of the surrounding community. Our aquatics programs continue to grow, yet the facilities have not expanded and are insufficient. Additionally, our student-athletes are at a disadvantage in conditioning, training, and competing in the Sunset League because of the outdated, inadequate and hazardous facility. The current facility does not support Water Polo games or competitive practice because it is too shallow and does not meet minimum size requirements. Athletes will benefit from a pool that meets C.I.F. requirements for high school swim and water polo by allowing students to practice and compete at their home school. This new Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant aquatic complex will meet or exceed the latest building, energy efficiency & health codes. A new aquatics facility will safely & efficiently serve the community of Huntington Beach and student athletes’ in surrounding communities again for another 50+ years.

The need for safe, accessible pools has increased due to the continued population growth of the Huntington Beach area. Numerous community programs use the existing Edison pool. With the surrounding communities of over 300,000, the City of Huntington Beach offers recreational swimming, as well as swim training programs for infants to seniors. The Junior Lifeguard Program also uses the pool to condition, test and train. Additionally, the police and fire departments conduct training classes at the pool. Finally, with the addition of a modern, year-round aquatic facility, USA Water Polo (Huntington Beach Headquarters) and USA Swimming programs can use the pool to host regional tournaments.

We are committed to renovating the aquatic center at Edison through partnership funding. The HBUHSD has secured partial funding through Certificates of Participation. We are actively fundraising in our community through fireworks stands sales and direct donation fundraising.