Benefits of Swimming for Teenages


  • Physical Benefits- Promotes fitness, strength, coordination and physical achievement. Relatively injury free compared to other youth sports.
  • Social Benefits – A great individual and team sport that teaches sportsmanship, how to work with coaches, teammates and officials, and how to win and lose. Being part of a team gives teens a sense of belonging and identity and builds lifelong friendships. 
  • Job Training – Huntington Beach is the home of the Junior Guard Program and Lifeguard training for our community beaches. Qualifying for these programs and opportunities requires meeting swimming standards in a pool.
  • Water Polo- Orange County is the hot bed for competitive water polo in the country. These athletes usually begin as swimmers.
  • College Opportunity – There are 460 Men’s and 580 Women’s college swim programs across the country who offer scholarships to swimmers.

About $1 billion in full and part athletic scholarships are awarded annually by NCAA for water polo.

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