Benefits, Photos & Videos

Enjoy these images of how impactful a new pool for Edison High could really be…

Our Special Ability Cluster is one of the greatest beneficiaries of a new pool. It’s a powerful educations device, safety instruction and personal developmental aide. 

SAC Splash 2018:


Boy’s Water Polo:

Currently our Boy’s and Girl’s Water Polo Teams must find time to practice somewhere else within the district, typically at less than idea times. The lack of a regulation pool to practice severely limits out teams when compared to local teams who have an adequate facility; not mention our ability to host games, tournament and facility rentals. This puts Edison at a severe competitive disadvantage and is a loss of revenue potential. 



While Edison does host swim meets, the current pool is embarrassing and limited both during practices (very crowded and difficult for multiple teams to practice at the same time) and when competing. With a current 3′ shallow end and limited ‘started’ end, safety is always a concern when hosting other team or new competitors join the team. 



Severe Limitation and Real Dangers:

Our Annual SAC Splash Event: