The Edison Charger Aquatics Complex Non-profit organization, in partnership with the Huntington Beach Unified High School District is committed to acquiring funding and completing the new aquatic facility. HBUHSD and Edison High School have demonstrated responsible and prudent maintenance of the existing fifty year old pool. Such diligent management guarantees continuous, year-round access to students during the school day and community members beyond the school days.

A committed and full-time staff is responsible for overseeing the Edison High School Pool facility. Specific district staff will be assigned to oversee the completion of the Edison High School Aquatics Complex. HBUHSD staff duties include working closely with the architects, contractors and purchasing department to adhere to the timeline and specified budget.

HBUSD has had the pool facility surveyed and have had preliminary architectural planning and design completed for a Edison High School Aquatics Complex with site plans, pool architectural plans and renderings.

Upon completion of the new aquatics facility, HBUHSD will take over maintenance and operations of the complex. Additionally future operating expenses will be up to 35% lower with the new state of the art energy efficient heating, filtering and lighting systems.

HBUHSD expects revenue from the complex to increase as it is rented out to more club sports organizations and City sponsored programs. The increased income will defray some of the operational costs.

Edison Chargers Aquatics Complex Non-profit organization has raised over $76,000 to date and are continuing to engage the community in fundraising efforts to supplement this project.